Ben + Betsy’s Highlights

If you don’t LOVE this couple, I’ll be shocked. Ben and Betsy have it going on. And their wedding in Napa shows it. Make sure you watch this one; it’s got it all.

Aside from being an adorable couple, they’re both super friendly. Like, really really friendly people. I think this film totally lets you see that. They’re smiling all the time and you can’t help but feel their joy when hanging out with them.

Their wedding was up at The Carneros Inn and what a cool place it is. They have these cute little industrial designed cottages that have perfectly manicured lawns, flowers, and cute little fruit trees everywhere. The weather, as you can see, was perfection. It just felt like everything was lining up perfectly for their wedding. One of the best parts of their day was their ceremony. Loved seeing all the sunshades shining as a contrast to all of the green surrounding them. That, with the pinkish colored bridesmaid dresses, made up a very cheerful color scheme. AND, their vows are way cute, especially how Betsy ends hers. Adorable.

You may be thinking, “wait, this guys looks familiar.” Well it’s probably because you’ve seen his twin brother’s wedding on the Sandbox Love Blog as well. This was the first time we’ve shown up to a wedding and been familiar with many of the guests. It was a wonderful feeling to be a trusted part of the Lee family’s wedding experience. We wish there were more twins!

A huge congratulations to Ben and Betsy. We think you guys are wonderful and we’re extremely honored that you chose us to make this film. Best wishes always!

UPDATE: Here are their wedding photos from One Love Photography on Style Me Pretty!

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Megan + Nathan “I Can Do That”

With Megan and Nathan, I felt like I knew them as soon as we said “Hi.” What a perfect couple! Incredibly well spoken, great smiles, and that charming way they look at each other. We quickly bonded over the San Jose Sharks, and within the first few minutes they felt like good friends. And so it is with great pleasure that I present Megan and Nathan’s delightful Signature Film…

We had the pleasure of meeting Megan and Nathan through one of our fav photographers, Ashley Maxwell. The bonus footage that you see was at a location that Ashley had found, and it was perfect for their wedding film. Cute houses, lots of color, and those beautiful boats. What a gorgeous setting.

Their wedding was held at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA and the weather couldn’t have been better. Gotta love the rolling California hills. In the morning, it was so fun seeing how excited Megan was. Her and her friends were joking around the whole morning and spontaneously busting out moves from their umbrella dance. So much good energy. Talkin’ about the umbrella dance… How cool was that? So cinematic! Nathan had know idea they were choreographing this dance, and the result was fantastic. He was completely blown away by the performance, and it was written all over his face.

To Mr. and Mrs. Primrose: Congratulations on a beautiful relationship and a gorgeous wedding. I love how you guys talk about “the little things” being the best things. It was an absolute joy being with you at your wedding and a pleasure to edit your film. We wish you the best and cannot wait to hear about your lives as you move forward as an amazing couple.

With Love,

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Alia + Josh “A Little Slice of Heaven”

When I first met with Alia and Josh and they told me about their plans for their wedding, I smiled to myself and thought, “Wow, here is something that is going to be absolutely magical.” Then we rolled up to Alia’s family’s house in Calistoga, and that feeling grew. I know this film is a little longer than our usual length, but I assure you, watching this film will be worth it… and might even change the way you think about a wedding.

There are so many things I loved about their wedding. First, I loved that it was a multiple day event. Like they say in the film, they wanted to spend time with all of their family and friends. With multiple events, they had a chance to spend quality time with everyone.

The second thing I loved was how “custom” their experience was. They considered every little detail and thought about how to make everything relevant to their relationship. The result was a wedding experience that was filled with meaning, charm, and personality. One such detail was how they both decided to wear a certain scent for the week leading up to the wedding and during the wedding, so that they would have a smell associated with the wedding experience. What a cool way to bring back memories.

I was also incredibly impressed by Alia and Josh themselves. Their deep love for each other seemed like something that would have taken years and years to develop. In reality, they had been dating for a bit more than a year! Both of them have an incredible sense of what life is all about. And let’s not forget to mention their bold sense of style. Love it!

Check out some of the amazing coverage of this wonderful wedding!!!
The New York Times Amazing Story about Alia and Josh.
The Wedding Chicks Part I Photos of their first wedding.
The Wedding Chicks Part II Photos of their main wedding day.
Alia and Josh were also featured on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress! I’ll get that link for you when I can!

Many thanks to Andrew Weeks Photography, Brittani and Adrianna from Dream A Little Dream Events, and Kathy from Well Rehearsed.

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Amber + Jero “En mis Pensamientos”

Translation: In My Thoughts. Amber and Jeronimo’s Mexican wedding was nothing short of amazing. You’ve probably seen their wedding highlights film, and if you haven’t you should definitely check it out. We also made one of our Signature Films for them and… I have have to tell you… it’s one of our finest pieces. Make sure you watch the end, because it’s like, really seriously awesome.

Pretty cool way to end a wedding film eh? To explain the film a little bit… Amber and Jero had two ceremonies. The first day was a civil ceremony and a beach side party and the second was a Catholic ceremony with the epic reception.

Some things that I loved about their wedding. First, the beach. They had their wedding at sunset and it was perfect outside. The sea breeze blowing in on the hot sand. I just loved it, and the look of it. Second, that reception was off the hook. They had dudes on stilts, guys in full on masked costumes, and a huge live band that performed everything from old town country to top 40. Third, we got to hanging out with Amber and Jero in Mexico, driving around to all of the cool spots we could find. We definitely had a good time:).

Oh, and that last sequence on the beach with the horses. That was at sunrise, not sunset. Yup… we don’t mess around when it comes to making these films. We’ll be posting a “Making Of” on Facebook soon!

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Suzy + Reza’s Highlights

I have been wanting to film a wedding like this since I started Sandbox Love, and I’m siked to now present this contemporary, San Francisco style wedding. Suzy and Reza’s wedding has a wonderfully modern style mixed with the downtown feel. So cool, you’re gonna love it.

Suzy and Reza are the kind of people you wanna kick it with on a chill day in the park. They both have such wonderfully positive attitudes about everything. One thing I loved about their wedding was Suzy’s sense of style. First, what a gorgeous dress, eh? I love the design of it, and the way it kind of criss crosses up on her torso. Beautifulness. Oh and did you see all of those twine balls hanging on the ceiling? Suzy and Reza made each one of those by hand. They put SO much work into this wedding, and it really came out well.

You’ll also notice there is some extra footage that’s not from the wedding day. That’s from a photo/video shoot that we did with them a few weeks before the wedding. It was kind of like an engagement session, and we did it to get some sweet photos to display at their wedding, as well as to get cute bonus footage. I love the Mr. and Mrs. Tavana Converse All Stars. So stylin’.

We’ve really got to know Suzy and Reza after meeting with them a bunch, doing some shoots, and being there on the most important day of their lives. We’re soooo happy for you guys! It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and spending all this time with you.

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Neda + Sati’s Redux [Excerpt]

For a lot of our fans, here is a throwback. The first wedding Sandbox Love shot was Neda and Sati’s week long wedding down in Beverly Hills and San Diego. For their wedding, we made ‘em an AWESOME Love Story which premiered at their first wedding reception (they had two). If you haven’t checked it out, definitely take a look. You’ll fall in love with Neda and Sati.

After showing that film at their first reception, we continued shooting the rest of their wedding week’s events. We then put together a highlights video of the week’s events, to show at their second wedding reception. We got a standing ovation from everybody who attended, and I can’t tell you how much pride I had in both the film we had made and in being a part of such a wonderful week.

So, more than a year later, Neda and Sati wanted to take their wealth of wedding footage and turn it into an epic chaptered wedding film. The full film is about 35 minutes long and goes day by day through the entire wedding week. It’s quite a cinematic accomplishment, and if you’re interested in checking it out, you can hit the link below. But for now, I’ve posted the final two chapters of the video so you guys can see what the end of their beautiful wedding experience was like.

Smiles. Tears. Hugs. Elephants. Ya, this had it all. And every time I look back on that week, I am so thankful to have been a part of it. The people that I met. The joy that I saw. The story that I got to tell. I mean, seriously, what a blessing. And quite frankly, Sandbox Love started here. It began with the Love Story that we made for them, a task in which they trusted us completely. Neda and Sati, thank you so much for taking a chance on us, the new kids. You gave us our chance to do it right, and for that I will always be grateful. Good luck in Australia!

To check out their full video, take a look here.

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