Alex + Jane “A Picture of Love”

You guys have to watch Alex and Jane’s wedding. It’s stunning. It’s packed with great shots, beautiful people, endearing moments, and an epic location.

The main theme that kept coming up during their wedding was this idea of, “What does love look like?” “How do we envision it for ourselves and for others we know?” I thought this was a perfect frame for their wedding film. Alex and Jane have known each other for years, and started off as friends. But as the years went on, their pictures of what love looks like started to fill in for them. Much like the final image of the film.

One way we tried to give this a different visual look than our other films was to film reflections more than usual. There are a lot of shots in here where the footage is filmed using a mirror, or reflections off the shiny floor. We also gave the footage at the end of the film a different color treatment than we normally do. If you look closely, you’ll see a lot of gold and green at the end. The different hues give it such an epic feel.

San Francisco City Hall is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever been in. It’s loaded with intricate details on the walls and small nooks for shooting. We’re siked at how the venue came out. The tea ceremony was was also a ton of fun… LOVED Jane’s enthusiasm during it. It was definitely a good opportunity to capture so many family members smiling.

A huge shout out to Brittani from Dream A Little Dream Events. She and her team knocked this one out of the park. I remember thinking how on top of everything they were, and how they helped us with getting everything we needed.

My Favorite Moment: I looove their first look. When Jane can barely hold it together before seeing Alex; what a real moment that is! And of course her reaction to seeing him when he turns around is priceless. Also, I love the dancing sequence at the end! I can’t wait to give them their DVD’s with the amazing amazing amazing song performed by Jane’s bridesmaid. Maybe we’ll post that on Facebook for you guys to check out!

Hope you enjoyed the film!

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Heather - WOW – what a gorgeous wedding, but what an incredible, artistic interpretation of it! Moved to tears by your work and so glad I found you guys! Don’t stop making beautiful movies, ever, not even when you’re old and gray with just a few teeth left. :)

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