Neda + Sati’s Wedding Week Highlights

You read that right folks. My team and I have been following a week-long wedding event for Neda Rahimian and Sati Hillyer. My, what a week it has been. Take a look, I don’t think this could be more epic…

I shot this with Rob Bagot and Nick Markham. The week began with a Persian Wedding, thrown by the bride’s family in Beverly Hills. We had a great time filming with the family and I was very impressed by the beauty of the Persian ceremony. Up there we got a chance to meet Augie Chang, who absolutely rocked a photo shoot on Rodeo Drive. That night we got to experience the meeting of different cultures. The reception had many elements of a traditional western ceremony, but with the energy and enthusiasm of the Persian and Indian families.

We then headed down to San Diego where it was the Groom’s turn to host an event. Most of the guests were booked at the Westin in downtown San Diego, where my team also had the pleasure of staying. Because everybody was staying in the same hotel, both families had a chance to hang out all the time and really open up to each other. I felt like I was the luckiest wedding filmmaker in the world… seeing this occur over the week. What a story to tell!

On the day of the elephant parade, we pretty much choreographed exactly where our cameras would be and when we would reposition. I happened to be grabbing a shot while hoisting my monopod to Sati’s level when a photographer snapped this picture of me. It just so happened that the picture made it onto the front page of the San Diego Tribune.

I chose the song because it had a very energized, but also sentimental, mood to it. I felt like, at the end of this week long experience for these families, something of a bittersweet mood would be appropriate.

There is so much to tell you guys about this wedding. I’m stoked to be a part of it. Major props to Jason Dean, the event planner, who really took care of us film guys and made sure we were able to get our shots. Here is an awesome article about the wedding.

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Erik - dude, they pulled out the earners on this one, talk about trying to SPLASH THE CASH, yeeeezus.

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