Suzy + Reza’s Highlights

I have been wanting to film a wedding like this since I started Sandbox Love, and I’m siked to now present this contemporary, San Francisco style wedding. Suzy and Reza’s wedding has a wonderfully modern style mixed with the downtown feel. So cool, you’re gonna love it.

Suzy and Reza are the kind of people you wanna kick it with on a chill day in the park. They both have such wonderfully positive attitudes about everything. One thing I loved about their wedding was Suzy’s sense of style. First, what a gorgeous dress, eh? I love the design of it, and the way it kind of criss crosses up on her torso. Beautifulness. Oh and did you see all of those twine balls hanging on the ceiling? Suzy and Reza made each one of those by hand. They put SO much work into this wedding, and it really came out well.

You’ll also notice there is some extra footage that’s not from the wedding day. That’s from a photo/video shoot that we did with them a few weeks before the wedding. It was kind of like an engagement session, and we did it to get some sweet photos to display at their wedding, as well as to get cute bonus footage. I love the Mr. and Mrs. Tavana Converse All Stars. So stylin’.

We’ve really got to know Suzy and Reza after meeting with them a bunch, doing some shoots, and being there on the most important day of their lives. We’re soooo happy for you guys! It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and spending all this time with you.

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Georgia - I love this website and the beautiful, tasteful, personal and loving videos that you all create. This one and “fly safe please” are probably my two favorites, but it’s hard to narrow it down. Also, the link to your site is passed around like wildfire among twenty-something women in the Northeast U.S., in case you didn’t know–in five years, your strong fan base will be banging down your door to do their wedding! I’ve already started saving!

Keep up the phenomenal work.

Jesse - Thanks for the correction. I actually did mean to write “siked.” Just my style I guess :)

susan - Beautiful ! oh & I think you mean psyched not siked. Too great a web site for those pesky typos.

kadee - That was absolutely incredible. By far the most amazing wedding video I’ve ever seen, and the real love that you captured between Suzy and Reza is very emotional. I have never cried at or about a wedding before and this actually made me cry. Well done guys!

Bob Hughes - Now that is a fairy tale romance and a perfect wedding. I have never met either of them but I had a ear to ear smile the whole time watching the video.

Bob and Hilary (friends of Pepper and Rita)

Julene - AMAZING!!!!! You couldnt have captured them more brilliantly!!!!

Gulnar - Very tender, well done, sparkles every day

Matt Schu - Great great video. Made me smile and laugh watching it. Thanks Suzy and Reza!

natasha tavana - OMG i love it!!! sooooooooooooooooooo cute!

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