What’s up? Not much, chillin.

What are your rates? Our packages start at $6500. Hit us up for more info.

OMG why so much? When we make a film, we don’t just show up the day of the wedding and film what’s going on.  After getting to know you, our team sits down and figures out how we want to tell your story.  We may shoot interviews with you, your fiance, and your family.  We then film the wedding for the entire day, from makeup until the party is wrapping up.  We then spend a lot of time in post production, editing and color grading each clip to give it that extra sparkle.

What do you wear to the wedding? We’re not your typical dressed in black videographers.  For us it’s all about working comfortably.  We’ve shot weddings in designer jeans and short sleeved dress shirts before.  We’re pretty flexible, but we won’t be rocking suits.  Please let us know if you have a preference.  And if it’s a super hot day, we’ll phone in and see if khaki shorts are cool.

Do you travel? Absolutely.  We’re based out of San Francisco, but it’s not a huge deal to pack up our gear and hop on a flight.  We’ve traveled to Beverly Hills, San Diego, Cancún, Virginia Beach, New York, Lake Tahoe, and have some shoots coming up in Chicago and Hawaii.  We do ask that our expenses are covered.

How soon will I get my film? We aim to have your video done within two months of when we wrap shooting.  This means, if we were planning to shoot interviews two weeks after your wedding, then we would need two months from when those interviews are finished. However, since there can be a burst of weekends where we film a wedding every weekend, the queue can end up longer than that. We edit in chronological order and make sure to give every film the same amount of attention to detail that make our films shine.

How many people do you bring to the wedding? At the least, there will be three shooters on your wedding day.  Because we are shooting stylized films, we have different people covering different things.  I usually do the detail shots and wide shots while Nick likes to stroll around with his Steadycam.  We break it down ahead of time so that we know who is covering what.  Also, we’re pretty chill guys, so just let us know if you need anything from us.

How do you pick music? We’ll ask you about your music preferences ahead of time.  Maybe you have some favorite songs that you’ve wanted to include in your wedding since you were young.  Or maybe you want us to pick some tracks for you.  We’re up for whatever.  If we pick a song that you don’t like, we can always find a new one.

Can I have the raw Footage? We can put a cleaned up version of the raw footage on a harddrive for you for a small charge.

Sandboxlove.us?  What happened to .com? Unfortunately, the owner of the “.com” is refusing to sell the domain name.  Oh internet.  It’s all good though, we like “.us” too.

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Jesse - Hey Tiffini, we’d love to speak with you about South Africa. We’ll send you an email! Cheers.

Tiffini - Hi Guys

Your work is breathtakingly beautiful!

Just a quick one… any chance you would shoot in South Africa?


Amber - Wow! What AMAZING work you do!!!
Absolutely stunning… I have no words (and THIS is uncommon!)

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