Amber + Jero “En mis Pensamientos”

Translation: In My Thoughts. Amber and Jeronimo’s Mexican wedding was nothing short of amazing. You’ve probably seen their wedding highlights film, and if you haven’t you should definitely check it out. We also made one of our Signature Films for them and… I have have to tell you… it’s one of our finest pieces. Make sure you watch the end, because it’s like, really seriously awesome.

Pretty cool way to end a wedding film eh? To explain the film a little bit… Amber and Jero had two ceremonies. The first day was a civil ceremony and a beach side party and the second was a Catholic ceremony with the epic reception.

Some things that I loved about their wedding. First, the beach. They had their wedding at sunset and it was perfect outside. The sea breeze blowing in on the hot sand. I just loved it, and the look of it. Second, that reception was off the hook. They had dudes on stilts, guys in full on masked costumes, and a huge live band that performed everything from old town country to top 40. Third, we got to hanging out with Amber and Jero in Mexico, driving around to all of the cool spots we could find. We definitely had a good time:).

Oh, and that last sequence on the beach with the horses. That was at sunrise, not sunset. Yup… we don’t mess around when it comes to making these films. We’ll be posting a “Making Of” on Facebook soon!

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Aaron Watson - Fantastic Video! That’s an amazing wedding!

Miguel Angel Vega - Que mas les puedo decir que no les haya dicho, para mi hacen una pareja excepcional, se nota en la forma en la que se miran, se tocan, etc. Me da mucho gusto que nos hayan permitido compartir ese momento magico, tan especial con ustedes y los que siguen por que se que esta historia apenas ha comenzado.

Los quiero mucho

Miguel Angel

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