Monthly Archives: February 2012

Kathryn + Joe “Nothing Short of Amazing”

A relationship between two people with storied pasts. A bond between them so strong, that a wedding was an afterthought. Take some time to watch their wedding film so you can get a sense of who these two amazing people are. There’s a history here that you don’t get with many weddings. From the film,...

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Jordan + Jay “A Warm Winter”

Happy Valentines Day! Here’s a fun wedding film for the holiday! Jordan contacted me ages ago when we were just starting to get known as a company. We quickly found that she and Jay were exactly the kind of couple we love working with; way fun, way chill, and really excited about our films. Fast...

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Priya + Veeral “So Warm, So Bright, and So Loving”

It’s been a long time since we’ve done an Indian wedding. And the truth is, we’ve missed the culture. The dancing, drumming, colored gowns, and that amazing bond of family. It makes our job very easy. Priya and Veeral’s wedding in Rochester, NY was perfectly in line with what you’d expect from a huge Indian...

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