Neda + Sati’s Redux [Excerpt]

For a lot of our fans, here is a throwback. The first wedding Sandbox Love shot was Neda and Sati’s week long wedding down in Beverly Hills and San Diego. For their wedding, we made ‘em an AWESOME Love Story which premiered at their first wedding reception (they had two). If you haven’t checked it out, definitely take a look. You’ll fall in love with Neda and Sati.

After showing that film at their first reception, we continued shooting the rest of their wedding week’s events. We then put together a highlights video of the week’s events, to show at their second wedding reception. We got a standing ovation from everybody who attended, and I can’t tell you how much pride I had in both the film we had made and in being a part of such a wonderful week.

So, more than a year later, Neda and Sati wanted to take their wealth of wedding footage and turn it into an epic chaptered wedding film. The full film is about 35 minutes long and goes day by day through the entire wedding week. It’s quite a cinematic accomplishment, and if you’re interested in checking it out, you can hit the link below. But for now, I’ve posted the final two chapters of the video so you guys can see what the end of their beautiful wedding experience was like.

Smiles. Tears. Hugs. Elephants. Ya, this had it all. And every time I look back on that week, I am so thankful to have been a part of it. The people that I met. The joy that I saw. The story that I got to tell. I mean, seriously, what a blessing. And quite frankly, Sandbox Love started here. It began with the Love Story that we made for them, a task in which they trusted us completely. Neda and Sati, thank you so much for taking a chance on us, the new kids. You gave us our chance to do it right, and for that I will always be grateful. Good luck in Australia!

To check out their full video, take a look here.

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Jenny - There is so mucb beauty and life in this video. Amazing job.

Heather Rega - You could feel the love pouring right off of the screen, and not just the couples love, the family and community were vibrating with emotion. Sati’s mother’s speech brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations Sandbox on a job well done, and also for being allowed to be a part of such a life changing event for all involved.

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