Barry + Amber’s Signature Film

Here’s an awesome update for you.  If you don’t know Barry Zito, he’s an All-Star pitcher who plays for the San Francisco Giants.  In December he was married to his beautiful bride, Amber, at his private home in Marin.  Nick, Vitalie and I were lucky enough to be a part of it.

Unfortunately, I won’t be posting the video to the blog.  The last thing a celebrity wants is to have one of the most important days of his or her life put on display for the world to see.  Gotta respect that.  But I will tell you a few general things about the wedding.  First, the weather was stunning.  Golden sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, with a beautiful view of Mount Tam in the background.  Second, Amber and Barry were beaming the entire day.  Their happiness filled the house, and everybody could feel their love.  Third, it was packed with touching moments.

Barry and Amber picked our Signature Film for their wedding, which means I got to sit down and interview each of them.  I was totally impressed by how charismatic and thoughtful they were.  Sitting across from Barry and having an intimate conversation about his relationship was an honor I’ll never forget.  To think… this guy is used to being surrounded by fifty thousand fans chanting his name… and here I am on his porch, talking about the most meaningful part of his life.

Shannon Leahy and her team did a wonderful job planning the wedding.  It was a huge success.  And I have to say, the wedding film is amazing.  Almost as amazing as Zito’s curveball.  A huge congratulations to Barry and Amber.  Thank you for choosing us to tell your wedding story.

Kathryn + Joe “Nothing Short of Amazing”

A relationship between two people with storied pasts. A bond between them so strong, that a wedding was an afterthought. Take some time to watch their wedding film so you can get a sense of who these two amazing people are.

There’s a history here that you don’t get with many weddings. From the film, you can see that they have been through some pretty hard times together, and they’ve pulled through to become the wonderful couple they are today. Because of their experiences, they have wisdom beyond their years.

Kathryn runs the award winning event planning company Dream A Little Dream Events (one of our personal favs). So of course, expectations were high. And I can say that the event was perfect. RJ, Nick and I agreed that it was one of the most intimate ceremonies that we’ve been to. So much emotion and humor. Loved the venue… table settings were rad… and the band, Wonderbread 5, kicked ass.

Thanks to Adrianna, Brittany, Kate Harrison Photography, and all the other wonderful folks who made Kathryn and Joe’s wedding everything she hoped it would be. We’re really proud to have been a part of such a beautiful experience.

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Jordan + Jay “A Warm Winter”

Happy Valentines Day! Here’s a fun wedding film for the holiday! Jordan contacted me ages ago when we were just starting to get known as a company. We quickly found that she and Jay were exactly the kind of couple we love working with; way fun, way chill, and really excited about our films. Fast forward to the day before her wedding… We’re in Chicago (it’s windy) and we officially meet Jordan and Jay for the first time. And even though we barely knew each other, we immediately felt like old friends. Major props to Jordan and Jay for flying us out to Chicago and having us capture their Wedding Story, without a face to face meeting! This is a Sandbox Love Instant Classic with one of the most cinematic receptions we’ve been a part of.

This was another really fun one for us (they’re all fun). When we got there, Vitalie, RJ and I took a stroll down Michigan Ave and bought a bunch of warm clothing from H&M. Even though there wasn’t snow yet, it definitely felt like a real winter wedding. The first night was Jordan and Jay’s rehearsal dinner in a truly epic location. It was inside of the clock tower in the Whirlpool Room, right above the Chicago River. I’m pretty sure after the rehearsal dinner the wedding party went out for a crazy night on the town. Nothin’ like a wedding to get everybody siked up.

The following day both Jordan and Jay were getting ready at The Drake. We were all staying there, but not nearly as luxoriously as Jordan in the “Princess Diana Suite.” Ya, that was quite a hotel room. Easily big enough for a few cartwheels, as you can see from the video. Both the ceremony and reception took place in the same grand ballroom at The Drake. Breathtaking. One of those rooms you don’t see very often. And because this was at the Drake, you knew it had a lot of history.

Jordan and Jay were a dream to work with. And so were all of their vendors. Especially Cara and Scott from Carasco Photography. Check out their wonderful wedding photos here. It’s always fun to shoot with great photographers, and I’m really excited to have met them. The live band was also amazing. Like, REALLY good. The lead singer did an acoustic rendition of “Wonderwall” by Oasis that had the whole room singing along.

To Jordan and Jay, it was an absolute pleasure. We met so many great people while we were there, and wish we could have stayed longer to hang out with all of you! We’re SO happy for you. Thank you for inspiring us with your easy going attitude and your deep love for one another. Congratulations!

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Priya + Veeral “So Warm, So Bright, and So Loving”

It’s been a long time since we’ve done an Indian wedding. And the truth is, we’ve missed the culture. The dancing, drumming, colored gowns, and that amazing bond of family. It makes our job very easy. Priya and Veeral’s wedding in Rochester, NY was perfectly in line with what you’d expect from a huge Indian wedding. Every second was gorgeous – from the parade through the streets to the traditional ceremony. Have a look and get ready to smile.

Priya and Veeral are like the coolest couple. They mention it in the video, but Priya has this great energy about her. Being on West Coast time and having an 8AM shoot on the East Coast can be rough. But the second we met up with Priya, it was all good. Her enthusiasm and excitement are contagious and woke us right up. Veeral, by contrast, is a really chill guy. I guess the best way to say it is “collected.” He’s extremely well spoken and is probably one of the most charismatic folks I’ve ever met. When you see the two of them together, you really get how right they are for each other.

Also, gotta mention how stylish they both looked. Veeral, being the President of J. Hilburn, one of my favorite men’s fashion brands, knows what it means to look sharp. And there isn’t any disagreement, Priya definitely looked like a princess in her various dresses, bangles, and jewels.

My favorite moment was at their Sangeet. It’s the party where the families rejoice and spend time together before the wedding. One of the most impressive parts is how the families actually perform choreographed dances for each other. I loved how when all the families were done, Priya got up in front of everyone alone and started a beautiful dance solo. Then, to everybody’s surprise, Veeral hopped on the dance floor and the two of them went into a choreographed dance. The whole room went wild.

I can’t believe how lucky we were to be a part of this multiple day event. By spending all this time with Priya, Veeral, and their families, we really got to know each other. In fact, there’s some footage of me getting Indian dance lessons from some folks in the wedding party. Another awesome experience I won’t forget, and neither will they.

Kristin + Zander “You’re So Real”

From sandy beaches to epic vineyards, it feels like we’ve been pretty much everywhere. However, until now, we’ve never been a part of a wedding held in the forest. So you can imagine we were stoked when Kristin and Zander invited us to Lake Tahoe to shoot their Signature Wedding Film. Aside from the sprawling vistas and serene lakes, we got to capture a whole bunch of other magic that came from their intimate way with each other.

EDIT: Kristin and Zander requested that their video be kept private. So unfortunately I’ve decided to take their video off of our public site. As we have started to take on a lot of weddings with celebs and high level executives, we’ll be releasing info about our new policy soon. Enjoy the screen captures from the video below!


Vitalie and I were in Tahoe for two days with Kristin and Zander. We spent the first day filming their interviews at the Martis Camp Lodge, searching for cinematic view points, and capturing their rehearsal dinner. One thing I love about their interview is how much thought they would put into their answers. They really took their time to compile their thoughts and then would answer while looking straight into each other’s eyes. Maybe it’s because they’re used to being around cameras with Zander working at CBS and Kristin’s career in acting. Their rehearsal dinner was at the Lake Tahoe Ritz Carlton. What a beautiful place! A bunch of people got up and spoke and I wish I could include more of what was said because there were lots of beautiful moments, all of which will be on their DVD.

The second day was the big one. We spent the day moving around Martis Camp which is where Kristin and Z built a home. The lodge, as you can see from the video, is absolutely off the wall beautiful. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be covered in snow. I find architecture designed for winter super impressive. With the massive wooden beams, giant granite terraces, and cozy fire pits; it just feels like a place you’d want to call home. In the morning, Kristin’s dressing room was crazy busy while Zander and his groomsmen were just chillin’ watching college football. It was funny to see such a contrast when the locker rooms were only separated by a flight of stairs.

We met some wonderful vendors while shooting. First, gotta say a big thank you to Andy and Kwon from AndySeo Photography. Check out Kristin and Zander’s Wedding Photos. It was also a pleasure to work with Mary Litzsinger from VP Events.

Spending time with Kritsin and Zander was fun, natural, and inspiring. We were so happy to be a part of their wedding experience and wish them the best for their future as a married couple.

Coming Up

We’ve had some pretty exciting videos come out recently. Consider it the summer bunch. Now we’re about to launch another streak of beautiful wedding films from the fall season.

These weddings include Kristin and Zander’s Signature Film in Lake Tahoe, Priya and Veeral’s Signature Film in Rochester, and Jordan and Jay’s Wedding Story in Chicago. You’re going to love all of ‘em. We’re also going to have our annual year end post that summarizes some of the great moments of the year. And, if we’re all lucky, maybe a couple other treats! Enjoy!