Jessica + Joe’s Highlights

Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was their amazing family and friends, or maybe it was the joy of their love; but Jessica and Joe’s wedding was definitely special. With the feel of an intimate Calistoga wedding, the day was a perfect reflection of the love they’ve found in each other. I’m so happy to finally show this!

The first thing I always notices is that smile you see on Jessica’s face in pretty much every moment of the video. The excitement, love, and energy in her smile makes it one of the most contagious I’ve seen. The way she looks into Joe’s eyes tells you why they’re such an amazing couple. That’s love. And immense pride.

Also, if you missed it the first time through, I’d say you should re-watch this video and look at the colors! Their wedding ceremony was just packed with color! Blue sky, green grass, golds and pinks and reds. What a magical place. You’ll also notice some vintage camerawork in the video, which I added to create the feel of a classic, small town wedding. I felt like it was a beautiful addition to the fresh air of their wedding, and of course, or signature style.

A major shout out to One Love Photography for being amazing to work with (as always) and for Solage in Calistoga for being such a wonderful venue to work with! Jessica and Joe, keep those smiles goin’:)

Gabbie + Shay’s Highlights

My favorite thing about Gabbie and Shay is the connection they have with one another. When they were standing in front of their family and friends, looking into each other’s eyes, you could feel a connection built of love, understanding, and a true joy for life. We’re proud to have been there to capture that moment, and many others.

Aside from being two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet; they also have great taste in pretty much everything. The colors, setting, and little details all came together to create a wedding full of cinematic eye candy. Their wedding was held at the Brazilian Room in the Berkeley Hills, which was located a short walk from the Tilden Botanic Gardens. I have to say, those gardens were one of the most beautiful places we’ve shot in. Everywhere we looked, there was beauty.

We had the pleasure of filming alongside our fav photographer, Ashley Maxwell. As always, she rocked it! Also, we had a wonderful time working with Melissa from A Touch of Grace. Vitalie, Ted and I really appreciated everybody’s hard work in making Gabbie and Shay’s wedding the perfect day. And it was just that.

Gabbie and Shay, we’re SO happy for you guys. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and such a strong connection with each other. Can’t wait to hear how your lives progress:)

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Nafiseh + Ehsan’s Love Story

We had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of filming with Nafiseh and Ehsan to create a Love Story to show at their wedding. We loved their story, and wanted to put our all into it. Oh, and you’ll see something in here that we’ve never done before. Enjoy!

Vitalie and I spent a beautiful Saturday with them; hitting up Union Square, Maiden Lane, The Palace of Fine Arts, and Cavallo Point. What struck me about Nafiseh and Ehsan was two things. Number one, pretty good looking eh? Number two, my goodness they are in LOVE. It’s got to be so hard to be living away from your loved one for so many years. And now, they’re finally coming together, which makes that union even more powerful. You can see that love coming out in 100% of the video. It’s in their eyes, their hands, and definitely their hearts. What an wonderful couple.

And what was that thing I said we’d never done before? How about that super slow motion?!? I knew Nafiseh’s hair would look gorgeous with the wind in it, and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to capture that through our lens. Another thing, we used two Coldplay songs! Well, Nafiseh told me that a very big part of their relationship was bonding over Coldplay’s music. So I knew we HAD to get it in there, or their video wouldn’t be as meaningful. I’m happy to say that we’ve created a film for them that truly speaks to their relationship, and I’m incredibly proud of it.

We love filming these. We wish we did more of them. They’re such a powerful way to capture that anticipation before the wedding, and also to tell your guests about the magic in your relationship. Plus, we get to be extra creative:)

Ruthie + Ian “Secret Karate Move”

I don’t know if there’s a couple who better exemplifies the spirit of Sandbox Love than Ruthie and Ian. These two are not only extraordinarily charming people, but the way they interact with each other is the most playful and fun-loving we’ve seen. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one.

Ruthie and Ian’s wedding weekend was held in Napa Valley. The rehearsal dinner was at the always gorgeous Tra Vigne and their wedding ceremony and celebration were held at Z Modern. What a place! And you couldn’t have asked for better weather!

This film was a special one for Sandbox Love. Because of Ruthie and Ian’s loving attitude, and their fun style, I felt like we were able to make a film that really focused on the joy of their wedding. The music, editing style, and soundbites were all picked to join the feeling of nostalgia with a little bit of quirkiness. I’d say that this style of wedding film isn’t something you see everyday, and neither are Ruthie and Ian. The two of them are truly unlike any other, and I believe this film honors that.

Finally, it was once again a huge pleasure and joy to work with Laurie Arons and her super-star crew. We also got to shoot alongside Jose Villa for the third time this year. What a treat to hang out with such an expert group of vendors! Oh, and one last thing. To whoever made that lemonade/tea before the ceremony: that was the most refreshing drink I’ve ever had. Srsly.

Amy + Rob “Our Ohana”

When you combine beautiful, fun people with a scenic setting like Hawaii… you get a cinematic masterpiece. I’m proud to say that Amy and Rob’s Sandbox Love Signature Film is one of the best we’ve made.

Sandbox Love was lucky enough to be picked by Amy and Rob to capture their multi-day wedding event in Hana, Hawaii. Amy and Rob rented out the whole Travaasa resort for 5 days to create a feeling of intimacy for their wedding guests. The first day Vitalie and I arrived in Hawaii, we couldn’t help but start shooting immediately. On the drive to Hana, we decided to take the long way around, to get a bunch of scenic island footage. We checked in at Travaasa and met up with the wedding party at their Thursday night Luau which was an event I’ll never forget. Hula dancers, fire dancing, and a dance party right on the ocean. It was a rager.

The next day was a beachside chill sesh. Amy, Rob, and their friends got together to enjoy the sun and relax. Equipped with boogie boards, shaved ice, and frisbees…there was plenty to do. Definitely a day activity done right. That evening was the Rehearsal Dinner back at the resort where the main hall was decked out in candle light. Our cameras really couldn’t get enough of the beauty. And of course, all the other events were blown out of the water by the Wedding Day. You can tell from the film that every single detail was perfect.

It was said at the Rehearsal Dinner that Amy and Rob have surrounded themselves with loyal, wonderful, caring people. And we could really feel it while we were there. Everybody we met welcomed us into the experience of the wedding, which allowed us to get moments we wouldn’t have got otherwise.

We also got to work with an ALLSTAR wedding staff for this. The event was put together by Marianna Weiman-Nelson who owns Special Occasions in Beverley Hills. I’m incredibly impressed by the staff there (Tabitha and Bill). We also got to work along side one of the world’s best photographers, Jose Villa, which was an absolute pleasure. Lastly, we have to thank the people of Hana who must be some of the sweetest, most accommodating people I’ve ever met. You really don’t find people like that anywhere else.

Kirsten + Jon’s Wedding Highlights

At long last, here is the first wedding of the 2012 wedding season.  And we really couldn’t have started this year off on a better foot.  Kirsten and Jon’s San Francisco wedding was one of those days where everything seems to shine.

We’ve done a few SF weddings, and they’re always magical.  This time, Vitalie, RJ and I got to film right on the embarcadero and in the Ferry Building (I have been wanting to shoot there for ages).  After their first look, we skipped across the water to Treasure Island where they had their ceremony and reception.  I have to say, my new favorite reception venue in the bay area is the Winery SF.  The look fit so well with the warm tones that Sandbox Love is known for, and the textures of the wooden barrels had that slightly rugged, vintage feel.

The end of our film is one of the coolest party sections we’ve ever done: slow motion, fire, and borderline crowd surfing.  When I met with Kirsten and Jon a few days before their wedding, I asked them, “On a scale of 1-10, how raging is the reception party going to be?”  They responded with a modest 7.  Ya right, this reception was one of the most high energy, rocking parties I’ve seen at a wedding.  I loved at the end, their AMAZING photographer Siang from Lightphoria, shot this amazing photo.  I’m personally in love with sparkler footage, even when it’s crazy dark out.  So cinematic.  Also, major props to their DJ Norris Lee for spinning an awesome party.

Kirsten and Jon, congrats on such a wonderful wedding and in taking the next step together.  We loved hanging out with you and learning about the story of your relationship.  Maybe it’s time I picked up guitar:)