Danielle + Dan “Full Circle”

And they’re back!  You’ll probably remember this good looking couple from a few other videos we’ve made for them.  Dan and Danielle wanted us to make every kind of film we knew how to, and so we have an Engagement Film, a Love Story, and a Wedding Highlights.  Now I’m so proud to show you guys Dan and Danielle’s Wedding Film!

I’ve always loved the symbolism of circles in weddings.  The most clear example is the wedding ring which symbolizes a love that knows no end.  In this wedding, there seemed to be a circular structure to a lot of the ceremony.  First, the Greek Orthodox Church is a huge domed cylynder.  When I first walked into that hall, I was stunned.  No Joke.  I looked upwards to the ceiling and couldn’t contemplate how long it must have taken to create that much detail in the artwork.  My breath was taken away.

In their ceremony, Dan and Danielle also take their first married steps in a circle.  The symbolism is religious and represents them in perfect orbit around the center of life.

So, in developing a storytelling form for their wedding film, I wanted to really bring about the theme of everything coming full circle.  In the editing, we used some footage from the earlier films we made for them.  The wedding is a culmination of six years of love, and to show that time period, I used the footage from the past.  I think it really gets the feeling across.  Shaun and I also ended the film with a sequence that goes back through the day, as if the circle is continuing.  It was a new approach, and I think it’s a great way to end the film.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Dan and Danielle for trusting us as a new company.  When I first met with Danielle, I think I only had one wedding video completed for Sandbox Love, and it was a Save the Date.  Now here we are, having come so far, and everything really is coming full circle.  I’m a little sad about the completion of working with Dan and Danielle, but I am overjoyed with all of the films we have made for them, and even more happy about seeing their relationship as husband and wife take off.  Congratulations you guys.

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Jessica Ringor - Great job guys! It’s it awesome to be carving new territories in our industry! Keep up the great work! We need to collaborate some day. :)

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