Dan + Danielle “Later, San Francisco”

One thing I love seeing in Danielle and Dan’s relationship is the way they interact.  They have these little moments where they’ll be talking about the smallest of things, but the WAY they speak to each other shows how intimate they are.  I wanted to try to get that across in this Love Story.  The little pauses and the subtle expressions tell you that when they’re together, nothing is rushed.  It’s a relaxed form of love that I found very sweet.

At Danielle and Dan’s wedding reception, they had a big TV set up with the Love Story DVD menu on the screen.  The menu was a picture of them with a button that read, “Play Film.”  Guests would come by, see the large photo of Dan and Danielle, hit play, and watch the film.  It was a pretty cool way to incorporate the video into the wedding.

Dan and Danielle also made a beautiful save the date video which you should check out.  We’re very excited about the wedding film!

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