Kathryn + Ryan “It’s All Open For Us”

I’ve been dying to post this for everyone to see! When I first met with Kathryn and Ryan and saw how they communicated, I knew we were going to make an amazing wedding film. Maybe it’s their abundant charisma. Maybe it’s the way they looked at each other and could finish the other’s sentences. Whatever it was, I could tell it was true love.  Enjoy.

Kathryn and Ryan’s wedding was one of those weddings where you’re just smiling the whole time. From the beautiful moments on the front porch to the candlelit ceremony to the paper hats at the end of the night. I just remember thinking, “Yes, that’s a moment.  There’s another one. And another!” A perfect wedding. And the thing was, the wedding was SO them.

If you don’t know, Kathryn runs the popular wedding blog, Snippet and Ink.  As someone who is as involved in the wedding world as she is, you can bet she and Ryan tailored everything about their wedding day to fit their story, style, and love.  So we tailored their film to fit them as well.  We drew our inspiration from the locations of Cavallo Point and the Presidio.  From where they’re from and where they’ve been.  From the style of the the vintage taxi they hop into.    And from the underlying theme of their love; that no matter where they are… they are at home with each other.

I’m sure you can tell that we went with a homey/folky kind of feel with their film.  When Kathryn gave me a CD of music that inspired her, it clicked.  First, almost all of her songs were about traveling with a loved one, or because of a loved one.  As Ryan says, it’s a journey that they’re on together.  It’s that open road of potential for any life they choose to make.  And as long as they’re together, it’s everything they’ll ever need.

Oh, and my favorite moment is when Kathryn looks out through the window and sees Ryan smoking the cigars and catches his eye.  I mean, are you kidding me?  To catch a moment like that in the middle of a wedding reception.  You couldn’t stage that.  Make sure you catch it:)

To find out more about Kathryn’s wedding, make sure to check out her blog post: Snippet and Ink. Also, check out our film on Martha Stewart Weddings!

Photography: Elizabeth Messina | Planning: Laurie Arons Special Events

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Kelsey Pace - This video is absolutely amazing. What incredible story telling, I felt like I met Kathryn and Ryan and was completely knocked over by the amount of love they have for each other. You can just feel through watching this video how they are soul mates. Awesome awesome work. Very inspiring!

MeitsMo - WOW!!! I’m a documentary film maker, so I can be a picky a-hole about wedding filming, and this is absolutely stunning! Kathryn and Ryan radiate off of this film like the brilliant, warm and incredible people they doubtless must be, and this film is SO emotionally stirring. What an incredible job you guys do- your making me rethink my no filming at my own wedding policy! Wow!

Ashley Maxwell - Magical.Amazing.Unreal. JESSE! What in the world, you guys just keep getting better and better..you make me want to marry Jason all over again..just so you can document things like you do..seriously, bravo.

Andee - I’m wondering what kind of cameras you use? (Brand, lens, etc). I’m in search of buying my first camera and I would love some professional input on what you guys like to use.

Ryan - We made a lot of excellent choices throughout the wedding planning process. One of the best choices we made was choosing video and choosing you all at Sandbox Love. Jesse and Co. were tremendous from the time they met us for dinner to get to know us better, to our interview at Cavallo Point, and throughout our wedding day. You all were professional, caring, and joyful.

Perhaps the greatest thing was your final product. To think that Kathryn and I get to keep this video for the rest of our lives is incredible. I have seriously watched it 10+ times and it gets better each time. I want to thank all of you again. And know the offer I made to you all still stands, dinner and beers at our place in the summer time. Be well.

Kathryn - You guys totally rocked our world! Ryan and I cannot say enough good things about Sandbox Love… we loved meeting you and working with you, we loved having you at our wedding, and we are so so thankful to have this amazing film to remember our wedding by, and as a way to share the day with the people who couldn’t be there. Every time I watch it, I get giddy!

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