Let me preface by saying, I’m having a really hard time coming up with words for this piece because it’s hard for me to express the passion with which I believe in videography.  So I’ll do my best…

Here is a film that we created to show the importance of good wedding filmmaking.  In my experience with brides, I’ve noticed a general commonality in how videography is ranked on the budget list.  It’s generally a pretty low priority, and I can kinda understand why it got that way.  When preparing for a wedding day, brides and planners tend to focus on what that day looks like.  What is the experience of the wedding?  What will the guests think?  Of course, everybody wants their wedding to be as glam and as stylish as they can make it.  So folks tend to spend on that and often overlook how their wedding will be remembered.

So the Don Draper in us asked, what’s the best way we can show people the tremendous value in wedding filmmaking?  And we came up with this idea: let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the next generation.  What do these films mean to them.  It’s gathering around the TV with your fam, pointing out to your children and saying, “See how handsome your Dad looked!” Or, “There’s Uncle Mark! That’s what he looked like with hair!”

My favorite line from this film is “Often times, allowing us to meet the person we used to be.”  How true is that?  And how else can that “person we used to be” be captured than by video.

One thing I want to stress is that this isn’t just an ad for Sandbox Love.  We’re trying to make the case for why you should have a great filmmaking team present on your wedding day.  It doesn’t have to be us, but get a professional.  Someone who can capture the moments that would go unnoticed.  Because when a filmmaker is there on your wedding day, those moments will be remembered by you and by all who have the pleasure of seeing your wedding story on film.

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