“2010. That was a good year.”

I can’t believe we’re about to hit 2011!  It’s crazyness!  We’ve been official for about 6 months now and what a 6 months it has been!  I want to take a moment and recap some of the amazing moments we’ve had this year.

We started off with a bang.  We filmed Neda and Sati’s week long wedding event in Beverly Hills and San Diego.  It was a chance for the team to get close while on the road, and work together to show everybody what we can do.  We showed Neda and Sati’s Love Story at their first reception, and at the end of the week we showed them the highlights of the week.  We then did a little PR for the video and got it shown all over the place, including Snippet & Ink!

We continued the momentum by filming with Danielle and Dan, who wanted us to make them every kind of film we offered: A Save the Date, Love Story, Highlights, and Featurette.  They also introduced us to Ashley Maxwell, whose photography and love of life is incredibly inspiring.  We shot together soon after for Allison and Craig’s wedding, which was featured on Every Last Detail!

Lisa and Nigel wanted us to deliver our most valued film, now called our Signature Film.  We spent some time figuring out the best way to tell their story, and came up with a masterpiece.  Also, Lisa’s friend and photographer Georgia Gregory was a delight to work with.

We then went back down to Southern California to film with Jared and Christy (Coming SOON!) which was amazing for a few reasons.  First, Jared is an incredible photographer and when I asked about what he was looking for, he said, “just go crazy.”  So we did.  Also, I got to shoot alongside superstar photographer Jeffrey Neal, whose work I’ve followed for a while, working with him only indirectly before.

Charlie and Morgan’s Save the Date was the first wedding related video I had shot on my own, and filming their wedding in August was a symbol of everything coming full circle.  By this time we had seen some minor press around our work, and things were really starting to fly.  Charlie and Morgan’s film was featured on The Bride’s Cafe, who also invited us to be a part of their Créme De La Créme section.  Wild! We were like 4 months old…

We then filmed a wedding with Alex and Jane inside of San Francisco’s City Hall!  Epic!!  The cinematic opportunities inside of that historic building are endless.  One of the coolest shots of the year was shot by Vitalie as Alex and Jane were married in a tea ceremony.  Their whole wedding is absolutely gorgeous and the video will be out in January!

And we ended the year with another bang.  Kathryn from Snippet & Ink decided we’d be a perfect fit for her wedding!  While getting to know Kathryn and Ryan, Rob and I started to build a great friendship with them.  Her wedding was in a vintage style that really fit Sandbox Love’s style.  Pretty stoked to show you the magic of the Kathryn’s day.

All of these weddings, when you add ‘em up, mean a couple things.  First, we got to shoot in a variety of venues: City Hall, a candlelit church, a winery, and in a backyard.  Second, we developed friendships with couples who genuinely love our work, but also appreciate who we are.  This year really showed me that it is possible to be more than “videographers.”  Sure, we’re holding the camera, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bob our heads to the beat.

When I think about the invention of this company, I’m filled with pride.  At Danielle and Dan’s wedding, I turned to Nick and Vitalie and said to them, “This is what I wanted when I started Sandbox Love.  You guys…my friends, talking camera lingo, swapping lenses, and filming the most important day in these couple’s lives, and doing it well.  Thank you for being a part of it.”

So when I look at a bottle of wine in 15 years, and it has 2010 on the label, I’ll think to myself, “2010.  That was a good year.”

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Dan - Hey Jesse, Nick, Vitale (and Rob),

So glad you had a great year! Obviously it was an important year for us too! You said in your recent post that film is often a low priority. After we saw your film for Neda and Sati, I knew you guys would give us the most important memory. Napkins, nametags, flowers–I won’t remember those years down the line (maybe D will), but I will remember the love and fun and optimism of that day, which you guys captured so perfectly!

Can’t wait to see what’s next for you guys!

Dan & Danielle

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