Jared + Christy “How to Kiss a Bride”

Here’s a fun one for you guys.  Every now and then a couple comes along whose only direction to you is, “make it rad.”  Well, that pretty much opens the doors for some wild stuff.  Take a look.  We go crazy at the end.

Jared and Christy were a phenomenal couple to work with.  First, they’re incredibly photogenic, and know how to work with the camera to get model caliber shots.  They’re naturals at posing, love to smile, and interact in such a romantic way.  Second, they’re masters at friendly banter.  Hanging out with them is like hanging out with two comedians trying to duke it out with straight faces.  It’s hilarious.

Jared himself is an accomplished filmmaker; the co-founder of RedTail Media.  Not only that, but I’ve been impressed by his photography for a number of years.  To have him put his trust in me to tell the story of his wedding is a personal highlight of mine.  And with the freedom he gave us, we decided to do some things that had never been done before.  In a wedding video anyway.

In the last montage, we have a lot of awesome things going on.  We had an idea to shoot still pictures at rapid fire over the course of the day, with lots of movement in them.  Then when I was editing, I did a little time remapping to speed them up and slow them down at key parts.  We also did that with a modified Canon 5D where the regular sensor was replaced with a UV sensor.  So all of those weird looking bluish pictures are actually photos using nothing but the Ultra-violet color spectrum.  Say wha!?

There are a lot of other nifty camera trinkets we used.  But the real question is “WHY?”  Well, with Jared being an image connoisseur like us, I felt it would be the best way to capture the excitement of his wedding.  It felt like a whirlwind of energy on that dance floor, and that’s how it feels now.  We’re siked at how it all came together!

A few shout outs.  This was the first time I got to work alongside photographer Jeffrey Neal, whose work I have also admired for years.  I actually edited his demo about a year ago, starring none other than… Jared and Christy!  I also want to thank Peter Merry who was a fantastic MC and DJ for the reception.  Randy Tooker from Lake Forest Limousine who was not only a great guy, but extremely enthusiastic about me mounting a camera inside the limo.  I also want to thank photographer Josh Elliot for shooting with Jeffrey (and for the style tips.)  Jared and Christy brought together an awesome team for their wedding, and they really trusted their vendors to run with what they’re good at… which really shows just how chill they are.

Thanks Jared and Christy!  You rocked it.

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Christy - Jesse, it’s hard for me to condense my thoughts into a few sentences! I ABSOLUTELY loved it!!! You are so incredibly talented and captured the passion and uniqueness of our relationship beautifully. Watching it brought tears to my eyes and brought me right back to our wedding day! I especially loved the montage at the end… it’s awesome!! I am so glad that we have a unique wedding video, unlike all of the other boring ones that everyone else has. We can’t thank you enough!!

Jared - Dude. That was beyond good filmmaking, that was beyond good storytelling, that was moment-capturing.

This is exactly why I want to keep exploiting your talents for my own projects and why I’m gonna quit complementing you and your team’s unbelievable genius right now, because I still need to be able to afford you.

Thanks again man, that was amazing.

Amo - It’s amazing how you keep coming up with such original and unique pieces – that fast motion sequence at the end is awesome!!!

Ashley Maxwell - JESSE! Are you kidding me? UHMAZING! Can we work together like a million times this year?? Pretty please??? That was out of this world!

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