Barry + Amber’s Signature Film

Here’s an awesome update for you.  If you don’t know Barry Zito, he’s an All-Star pitcher who plays for the San Francisco Giants.  In December he was married to his beautiful bride, Amber, at his private home in Marin.  Nick, Vitalie and I were lucky enough to be a part of it.

Unfortunately, I won’t be posting the video to the blog.  The last thing a celebrity wants is to have one of the most important days of his or her life put on display for the world to see.  Gotta respect that.  But I will tell you a few general things about the wedding.  First, the weather was stunning.  Golden sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, with a beautiful view of Mount Tam in the background.  Second, Amber and Barry were beaming the entire day.  Their happiness filled the house, and everybody could feel their love.  Third, it was packed with touching moments.

Barry and Amber picked our Signature Film for their wedding, which means I got to sit down and interview each of them.  I was totally impressed by how charismatic and thoughtful they were.  Sitting across from Barry and having an intimate conversation about his relationship was an honor I’ll never forget.  To think… this guy is used to being surrounded by fifty thousand fans chanting his name… and here I am on his porch, talking about the most meaningful part of his life.

Shannon Leahy and her team did a wonderful job planning the wedding.  It was a huge success.  And I have to say, the wedding film is amazing.  Almost as amazing as Zito’s curveball.  A huge congratulations to Barry and Amber.  Thank you for choosing us to tell your wedding story.

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