Nafiseh + Ehsan’s Love Story

We had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of filming with Nafiseh and Ehsan to create a Love Story to show at their wedding. We loved their story, and wanted to put our all into it. Oh, and you’ll see something in here that we’ve never done before. Enjoy!

Vitalie and I spent a beautiful Saturday with them; hitting up Union Square, Maiden Lane, The Palace of Fine Arts, and Cavallo Point. What struck me about Nafiseh and Ehsan was two things. Number one, pretty good looking eh? Number two, my goodness they are in LOVE. It’s got to be so hard to be living away from your loved one for so many years. And now, they’re finally coming together, which makes that union even more powerful. You can see that love coming out in 100% of the video. It’s in their eyes, their hands, and definitely their hearts. What an wonderful couple.

And what was that thing I said we’d never done before? How about that super slow motion?!? I knew Nafiseh’s hair would look gorgeous with the wind in it, and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to capture that through our lens. Another thing, we used two Coldplay songs! Well, Nafiseh told me that a very big part of their relationship was bonding over Coldplay’s music. So I knew we HAD to get it in there, or their video wouldn’t be as meaningful. I’m happy to say that we’ve created a film for them that truly speaks to their relationship, and I’m incredibly proud of it.

We love filming these. We wish we did more of them. They’re such a powerful way to capture that anticipation before the wedding, and also to tell your guests about the magic in your relationship. Plus, we get to be extra creative:)

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