Morgan + Charlie “It’s Three Words”

Morgan and Charlie had a great idea.  They invited everybody who was attending their wedding to the rehearsal dinner the night before, and after some toasts, played the Love Story for their guests.  It was the perfect way to set up the mood for the next day.  Not to mention, it tells their story to everybody they invited.  And their story is legit.

Because Charlie and Morgan grew up together, I wanted to capture a youthful and energetic feel.  We shot at their middle school and high school to frame the film in locations that represent their long history.  Unfortunately their elementary school is being rebuilt, so we couldn’t shoot there.

It’s crazy… Morgan and Charlie had not seen the video ahead of time.  They put their complete trust in us, which has to be pretty hard to do.  When the film played, everybody got so into it.  Lots of laughter, smiles, and teary eyes.  We’re so glad we got to tell this story.  Stay tuned for their wedding film!  It was a beautiful wedding!

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Amo - One thing I especially like about your wedding videos is how you use the music to express the feeling of the story and that’s definitely the case with this one – This is great film making.

Barbee Rubenstein - Jesse,
Your work is fantastic and made an already memorable weekend …. unforgettable! I hope many people get to see your work and are able to use you at some time. Thank you .

Ashley Maxwell - Jesse..I am SUCH a huge fan of yours if you dont already know!!…I dont even know this couple and I am like crying right now. So excited to work with you again!

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